Movie Anagrams

I think this post could have also gone up on LitWar. But, I was really in the movie mood and wanted to put this up.
As always, simple rules. 10 movie anagrams. Find the movie. Please ROT13 your answers.

If you still didn’t understand what to do, National Treasure =


1.) Shy Cop

2.) Act in it

3.) The Hated Frog

4.) Dried Morale Tax

5.) Nazi neck tie

6.) Leave on scene

7.) Flip into cup

8.) Rebel if no faith

9.) Her roommate has bitten guys

10.) Risk Hat for Oldest Era


Also, Reservoir Dogs =



3 thoughts on “Movie Anagrams

  1. 1. Cflpub 2. Gvgnavp 3. Gur Tbqsngure 4. Zngevk Erybnqrq 5. Pvgvmra Xnar 6. Bprna’f Ryrira 7. Chyc Svpgvba 8. 9. 10. Envqref bs gur Ybfg Nex

  2. 1.) Cflpub

    2.) Gvgnavp

    3.) Gur Tbqsngure

    4.) Gur Zngevk Erybnqrq

    5.) Pvgvmra Xnar

    6.) Bprna’f Ryrira

    7.) Chyc Svpgvba

    8.) Gur yvsr bs oevna

    9.) Qnshd vf guvf bar? Jnfgrq vasv gvzr. Vg orggre abg or fbzr neovg zbivr..

    10.) Envqref bs gur ybfg nex

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